Hi, I'm Renan

You can contact me by email or have a look at my Github

Current projects

  • Ciboulette.net : Produces sales SAAS, for small scale vegetable farmers that do  online ordering and offline in person delivery and payment. I currently have 15+ clients having bringing themselves 200+ users to the platform each. The website must handle spikes of traffic following the emailing of invitations to order. 
    Technologies: MeteorJS, MongoDB, React

Past projects

  • Importabular : A minimalist, 5 Kb spreadsheet JavaScript lib licensed under MIT. It mimics the general behaviour of a spreadsheet program (selection, typing, copy paste, keyboard shortcuts) but doesn't try to do more than this. It's meant as an easy way to let your users import data to your app.  
  • SimpleText.link : A minimalist collaborative text editor. It's meant as a way to quickly organise things together, when the only other option is to pollute a WhatsApp chat. It only supports plain text, and the collaborative editing is not ideal when two people are typing at the same time, but overall it works really well for such an afternoon project. 
  • Minimage : PWA to draw on images. Handcrafted JavaScript for a ridiculously small bundle size (13kb). Technologies: VanillaJS, Canvas, Webpack
  • Mermaid gdocs : Google docs addon to make graphs from text. Mostly created out of necessity, but it has 10K+ users now. Technologies: VanillaJS, Webpack
  • Mywords : PWA for Russian vocabulary training. Created out of necessity. Unknown number of users as there's no tracking. Big focus on UX for regular users. Technologies: Preact, Preact CLI
  • Color scale generator : Tiny web app to generate a range of colors going from one to the other. Useful when trying to represent progression through a few distinct colors. Technologies: Vanilla JS.


  • MeteorJS : Using it since 2015. Great for prototyping, currently learning how to scale it.
  • Nodejs & ExpressJS Using it since 2015
  • MongoDB : Using it since 2015
  • React : Using it since 2016
  • Webpack : used it on all major projects since 2017
  • GIT : Every project since 2013
  • Ruby on rails : Started learning it in 2017 at virtualQ. Enjoyed some parts of it (TDD, opinionated, developer friendly) but the syntax and magic took some getting used to.

Work experience

  • virtualQ August 2017 - December 2019 :  I mostly worked on client facing web UIs in react but sometimes had to touch the rails back-end to get things moving quickly. Created a bunch of MeteorJS based tools for internal use.
  • Mille Volts 6 months in 2016. We built a few solutions for various clients, with react and node mostly.
  • Vinci Construction 10 months in 2015. Made a mobile, web based UI for a IBM Domino back-end. Learnt the hard way about mobile performance with angularJS.