Giving Publii a try

As a web developer, I've created some websites for family and friends. My default tool for that was WordPress, because you could easily set them up, pick a theme, mess with the CSS a bit and let them write the content.

But hosting a wordpress website is always a trade-off between reliability and costs. On one side you have free hosts giving you a terrible VM that can barely handle the administration side, on the other overpriced plans for what's really a tiny website with usually almost no traffic.

I've always thought that WordPress was using a tank to kill a fly.

So until now, for non technical business owners, I've set up a free host and the administration of the website was usually quite slow and unreliable. If the client wanted something more reliable, I'd get a paid hosting plan, but that would include some overhead for me.

For my personal projects I personally used custom made static websites, with or without automatic generation. But I didn't see myself explaining the details of git push, markdown and CLI use to my parents. I thought I should work on an ideal, user friendly static website editor one of those days.

Today i discovered Publii and thought i'd give it a try for my blog. If it's satisfactory, I might recommend it to my less tech-savvy friends in the future. Until now I've been pleasantly surprised.