2023 update

In 2022 in got a new job at Della AI and moved to Nantes. I focused less on ciboulette.net than before, and had less time for side project.

Working at Della has been interesting. I took over a React fronted (with Redux that i'm slowly getting rid of). I had to learn typescript, but in the end I don't fully exploit it. It helps avoid mistakes, but also forces you to write code that looks more like java than proper Javascript. I had never seen so many enums in a codebase.

Anyway, I'm quite happy with the way things are going, and our company has been bought out by a bigger one, Legisway. I visited their offices and they are neat !

On the hacking side, over the Christmas/New year vacations I started a small game project. It's a chilled out city builder, made in web tech. You can have a look at it here : https://drmp.lecaro.me/ (there's no good name for it yet).

That's all for today, I had to dig up this website from an old save to publish something new on my new computer.