Integrating remote services in e2e tests has a large battery of tests that ensure I don't break too many things when doing a deployment. The app also connects together many services, like google maps, google custom search, Stripe and Sumup.

I wanted to make sure those integrations would keep working, so i embedded the real services in my test. For example, playwright would attempt to connect to a test account at sumup when running the e2e test.

Recently, sumup changed their login flow, and added a captcha. I don't see how I can work around this. The tests are a bit flaky for a few other reasons anyway, so i think i'll just run them by hand and complete the captcha every time.

Still, i'm sure there's a better way. I tried to just copy the result of the authentication request but this only worked for a single run of the tests. During the next run Sumup would refuse them for some reason.