3 video games I've spent 100+ hours on

I don't really play much those days, but I've had some great gaming experiences I felt like sharing today.

Antiyoy - Android

 This strategy game is free, ad free, and has an amazing replay-ability thanks to the user generated levels.  

It's easy to learn, and not too hard to master, after a while most levels are trivial. 

Some get tough though, and I had to look at the solutions from random Russian Youtube videos at times. 

Factorio - Trailer 2020 - YouTube

Factorio - Linux

It's one of those game that's programmer's heaven. Or hell. It's very similar to programming (design, debugging, automating, constantly learning) but with guns.

Nuclear Throne — Wikipédia

Nuclear throne - Linux

This is one of the roguelikes I sicked to, and after a while i got pretty good at it. Runs are short, so it's perfect to spend a few minutes before starting a complicated topic. It's frustrating enough that you don't end up playing 2 hours without realising it.