Minimage : minimal image editor

This was one of my first project with the main focus on page size and bundle size. After learning a bit more about Webpack at virtualQ, i wanted to see how small a modern we app could be.

The main problem I was trying to solve was a personal one : I wanted to annotate a screenshot of an app to a friend before sending it to him. All i needed was to draw an arrow on a small picture. I couldn't find an app that would only do that, so I created one using the technology I knew best : front end javascript.

The app is far from perfect, but it runs quite smoothly on a variety of platforms.  

The app is freely accessible and open source but I haven't really worked on promoting it. Since then i've bought a new phone and don't really need as much to save space on the internal memory. I rarely make use of minimage but keep it online, just in case it might be useful one day.  


Screenshot of minimage